college life

Balancing Freshman College Life Minus the Stress

The first year of college can be overwhelming. Between the school work and creating a new social life, there isn’t often much extra time to do much of anything, let alone spend time with the family. Students often get overwhelmed when they realize they have to maintain their relationships at home while creating new ones at school. Let’s face it, when kids go off to college, parents are heartbroken and often long friendships are torn in two, but there are many ways to prevent this from happening. Continue reading “Balancing Freshman College Life Minus the Stress”

Managing Money for Teens

Motivating the Youth to Manage their Money

Teaching teens to manage money is an important part of bringing kids to maturity. Money issues are prominent and permanent life issues, and giving teens a good foundation in and understanding of money will help them throughout their entire lives. Everything from allowances to spending habits can be formed during the teen years; make sure that teens are prepared for adulthood by teaching them good financial habits when they are young. Continue reading “Motivating the Youth to Manage their Money”

effects of alcohol to the brain

Getting Teens to Understand the Effects of Alcohol to the Brain

Teens may respond to a scientific approach that explains the detrimental effect that alcohol can have upon the young and maturing brain.

It may be possible to reason with teens by talking to them about how the brain works, an approach that may work for teens with a scientific aptitude. The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) recommends that adults appeal to the teenage fascination with the brain. According to a statement in a press release, teens are fascinated with the way the brain works, and that fascination can be used to explain the effects of alcohol on the brain. Continue reading “Getting Teens to Understand the Effects of Alcohol to the Brain”